Manny Phesto for Minnesota: MC’s Launch into Politics

manny 4 mn

As voters are flocking to the polls, many are still contemplating who they want as their representatives. One candidate that won’t be found on the ballots is Minneapolis MC Manny Phesto as he continues on his grassroots campaign into politics as a write-in candidate for any seat voters believe he would be best suited for.

“I’m running for Minnesota,” said Manny Phesto. “I love this state, the people and the culture that comes with living here.  But what I love most is the power (that) we as a community have and can create when we work together toward a common goal.  I am running to raise awareness of that strength and potential, and will take any position which allows me to do so. Campaigning as a write-in will allow our community to place me where they feel we will have the greatest impact.”

While skeptics are quick to write off his write-in candidacy, Manny Phesto took up this ambitious endeavor through his disenchantment with contemporary politics of more attack ads instead of displaying plausible ideas.

“Most politicians seem more concerned with winning or maintaining office than they are with solving the problems that affect our communities.  Also, candidates try to make ‘the other guy’ look bad instead of trying to make themselves look good.  I think an effective politician lets his actions, and the voices of his constituents, speak for him.  By gaining the trust and faith of the people, a candidate would never need to ‘run’ for office again, the people would bring him to it. Also I believe our representatives should be accountable to us, and not to the board of directors at the companies that funded their campaigns.”

With a background as a socially conscious MC and organizer for such community minded events such as Hip Hop Harambee, Manny Phesto has a lot of issues to address his venture into civil services. Among his talking points, he continues to stress the problem of police accountability that has constantly shaken the moral standings of this nation.

“I think we need to stop spending millions of dollars a year on brutality settlements for the actions of our historically corrupt, violent police forces. One way to reduce use of excessive force is the use of body cameras on all officers. Another is personal liability insurance for all officers, making them an unjustifiable cost with too many infractions on their record.”

Along with reform within our local police departments, Manny Phesto wants to raise awareness of problems within our communities that other politicians have failed to attend to.

“I think we seriously lack in the areas of mental health care, drug treatment vs. incarceration and mass incarceration of our youth, especially from low income and communities of color for non-violent drug crimes.”

While some consider his candidacy a joke at modern disillusionment of the democratic process, Manny Phesto is serious about getting out the vote. And as a candidate whose name is forgotten from every ballot, he wants to encourage many apathetic voters to make their way to their local polling areas.

“Without voting, we have no accurate representation in our government. Besides electing people we feel represent our positions, we can also add things to the ballot have a referendum, and vote it into law. If we don’t send someone to the table, we simply won’t eat.”

If elected, fans may worry that the Southside spitter won’t have the necessary time to commit to his craft. To which Manny Phesto reassures will not be an issue.

“I am a man of many hats. Being involved with music scenes keeps me in tune with the struggles of our communities, I am perfectly poised to help create policy as well as continue to practice my art.”

For anyone questioning his sincerity or current positions, he also offers anyone the opportunity to contact him directly at to discuss his policies and political standpoints. Polls are currently open until 8 pm this evening and questions regarding where to vote can be found here.