Kaleem The Dream, Rich Garvey, OKNice, GeNreal & DJ Adatrak Get Busy in YoMNTVRaps! Cypher

For the past six months, DJ Adatrak and the Slipmat Radio DJs have been mixing together mediums for Minnesota scene in their live video DJ shows YoMNTVRaps at Honey. Continuing on with exposing the immense potential from the way, they have decided to contribute to the reel in the first YoMNTVRaps Cypher.

Premiered last night during the YoMNTVRaps event, the video shows DJ Adatrak playing the background as he cuts and blends the booming beat before four of the TC’s finest MCs. Starting off with the prince of St. Paul, Kaleem The Dream‘s poised and punishing flow, it leads into veteran MC/producer Rich Garvey to flex his effortless and charming skill to speak on behalf of the culture. Following up with the bold charisma from the battle-tested OKNice to make sure you remember his name, GeNreal is unphased by the role of the anchor by making time to have some fun before walking away with a brash warning. Formed around the rumbling and ominous production of DJ Adatrak, the cypher highlights the hunger and talent brimming within the Twin Cities while opening space for more representatives to shine.

Check out the YoMNTVRaps Cypher above and be sure to make it out to the upcoming live episode of YoMNTVRaps coming up in March.