Freez, Katana Da Don, Dungeon, TheBaptist, Christopher Michael Jensen & Jade House Show Out for YoMNTVRaps! Cypher 2

After a month since the first installment, DJ Adatrak is back to give Minnesota the cinematic treatment with the latest YoMNTVRaps! Cypher video. Directed by Justus Sanchez with additional footage from Nicholas Trahan and Derek Ehlert, a new cast of wordsmiths assembled at Slam Academy to both show out and to lead off the non-stop Minnesota made music video medley that goes down each live episode.

Produced by the Slipmat DJ, eerie keys haunt the sinister track, complete with deft scratches for the MCs to bump in the night. Off the bat, Soul Tools & Illuminous 3‘s own Freez reemerges to set it with an overdose of his legendary wordplay that leaves the mic smoking like a $20 sack. Not to be shown up, Hecatomb representative Katana Da Don draws the listener into a decadent delirium of bars while offering a closing warning to all those eager to pick her brain. The vibe is flipped into the mystifying world of Dungeon, TheBaptist as his layered vocals and relaxed flow defies the matrix, delivering a Morpheus moment that sticks in the back of your mind. Soon after, Christopher Michael Jensen declares an awakening with his boom-bap battered punchlines that ranges from Enron to Szechuan Sauce to Tide Pods while reclaiming Minnesota back from Lil Yauchty. And newcomer Jade House plays anchor as he brings the cypher back to the essence by coming straight off the top with lines that challenge the notion of racial identity while reaffirming the joy of freestyling among peers. Clocking in just under ten minutes, the thorough cypher only proves that Minnesota is ready to go bar for bar with any competition and won’t be long before it moves beyond the small screen.

Check out the cypher above and be sure to keep up with YoMNTVRaps! for the next episode announcement as well as how you can get involved in the next video.