Prophetta & John Shrimpnose Talk the Talk on “Yada Yada”

On Thursday evening, the Minneapolis tag team Prophetta & John Shrimpnose unveiled the much talked about track “Yada Yada” via Soundcloud.

With Shrimpnose’s infectious production, lead by the whimsically warbling sample, Prophetta tells the tale of an addiction addled college student who confronts his vices in order to reclaim his physical wellness. The release of Yada Yada has been long awaited as it has become a favorite during their live show.


Speaking of which, you can see Yada Yada live at their next show on Thursday, November 19th at the Cabooze with Mike The Martyr, Rich Garvey, Andre Mariette, Catalyst, Judahboy, Wealthy Relative & Blamsiss. Be sure to keep up with Prophetta & John Shrimpnose on their Twitter accounts here & here as well as their Facebook pages here & here.