Manny Phesto Continues On His Mission in “Whatever Works”

After spending much of 2015 touring the state and the globe, Minneapolis MC Manny Phesto returned to the booth to release his latest single “Whatever Works.”

Produced by Andre Mariette, the Southside sage skillfully revels at the worth of his work over dreamy keys and heavenly samples. From filling up the blank pages in his passport to changing his worst habits, “Whatever Works” serves as a mission statement for attaining his future goals while standing as a source of inspiration for all those willing to chase their dreams.


Before premiering it on GO95.3 FM GO Local segment with Mr. Peter Parker, Manny Phesto took to his email to allow his dedicated fans to have the first listen before chatting it up on the airwaves and allowing his song to be transmitted through the Twin Cities. “Whatever Works” is also the first single off of his upcoming album with the Mariette, which has no official date set.

Check out the single above and be sure to check out everything Manny Phesto on his website, Twitter and Facebook.