Vision The Kid & Tru Get Down to (Whiskey) Business On New Track


Tru (left) & Vision The Kid

Vision the Kid & Tru dropped their second single of 2015. The song, “Pour My Whiskey”, is just in time to get you turnt before tonight’s St. Patty’s celebration. Just like the liquor it’s named after, this track is smooth and full-bodied but still packs a punch. Vision shoots shot after shot and proclaims “Fuck champagne, pour my whiskey” over Tru’s super-sonic production.

The duo released “Church Fire” earlier in February and plan to continue releasing singles monthly during 2015.

The singles are follow-ups to their last album Somewhere in a Dark City. Tru also released Gutter Couture, an instrumental EP, at the end of 2014.

Keep up with the kid at @VisionTheKid and stay real with Tru at @TruTracks.