Walk With Vision the Kid and Tru “Somewhere in a Dark City”

Vision the Kid and Tru recently dropped a video for the title track of their new album Somewhere in a Dark City.

The song takes the listener back to when Vision was, literally, a kid and growing up in Milwaukee. Vision raps about his high school years where there was “lots of skateboarding, smoking things we shouldn’t and being amateur kleptos,” Vision said.  “not my finest moment, but I wanted to speak on that part of my life.”

The themes of growing up and now living in a city carry through a lot of the album and that’s why the duo chose this song as the title track. “The more we worked on it, the more we saw it was revolving, lyrically, around my experiences in Milwaukee and Minneapolis and the idea of using a city as a larger theme really gave us a lot of room to work in, while at the same time giving us just enough focus.”

“Somewhere in a Dark City” features Minneapolis band Taj Raj vocalist Ben Burwell on the hook. Vision and Tru originally connected with Burwell through mutual friends in Milwaukee, according to Vision.

Vision the Kid and Tru’s album Somewhere in a Dark City is available to stream and  download. Make sure to follow Vision and Tru for more updates and more new music in the near future.