T Veno Da God brings Gary to Minneapolis on “My Testimony”

Minnesota Hip-Hop has plenty of hidden gems, who’ve been working hard, even when under the radar.  But you can’t keep good music down for long, because talent always rises to the surface. Enter Westside Gary, Indiana to Minneapolis transplant, T Veno Da God.  Eager to take things to the next level, his latest project, “My Testimony” just might be the ticket.

The album takes no time getting started with an instant banger titled, “Money Anytime”.  For this writer, I instantly received heavy down south vibes in the vein of UGK and Three Six Mafia.  It’s certainly the true school, bass heavy classic rap, complete with a harmonizing vocalist on the chorus.  If this is the first song you’ve ever heard from T Veno Da God, it’s a damn good introduction to his aesthetic.

Moving on to the next track, we have an equally bass-heavy production on Y’all See Me”.  Continuing with the classic themes of hustling and money-making, T Veno Da God proceeds to proclaim his status as one of the heavy hitters in the streets, with boastful lyrics over a booming beat.  He proclaims “Everytime y’all see me, I’m on my grind, huh?”, as it blares through the speakers, and is sure to get any house party rocking or Chevy Impala bouncin’ on a weekend night.

“On Top Of My Game” is the following song, and it instantly takes you back to the nostalgia of early 2000s rap, where flute samples in hip-hop were prevalent.  By now, you can start to understand that T Veno Da God definitely has a penchant for catchy hooks that could get the dance floor moving, no matter what generation.  

“Nubian Love” is the first time you think we’re about to slow down a little bit, but then the beat drops.  While I wasn’t a fan of the hook, and really did feel the mix could have been a lot better, it clearly shows T Veno Da God’s versatility.  The production is a cross between G-Funk, but slowly transitions into a vibe that even the modern-day rap fans can feel.

“Crept When I Came” comes in with a little bit of a style change up, and it’s really the background ad-libs that made this song.  The synth-heavy production is once again on point, and this chorus may easily be the best one of the album. But of course, we aren’t done yet.

On “Killed Coming Against Me”, T Veno Da God takes a DJ Screw approach, and the trumpets in the production easily makes this the most commercially viable song thus far. He send shots on some of the backstabbers he’s encountered, and reiterates that he’s all about his family first.  It’s easy to see that though he’s a hardcore rapper who doesn’t play any games, he still comes off as a very sincere and straightforward lyricist, putting his business first.

Very fittingly after touching on putting family first, we cruise into the smoothest song on the album, “Just Me & You”, because hey, you always have to have something ladies.  T Veno Da God shares his affection and admiration for the lady that’s the apple of his eye. It’s always great when a street rapper stills know how to slow it down sometimes, and create something different, that can crossover and get radio play.

“Mind Clear” stays in the same vibe as the previous track, as T Veno Da God gets autobiographical, speaking on his kinfolk and loved ones.  This is another track where that “sincere but still street” vibe shines through. While the first half of the album was focused more the aggressive side, T Veno Da God seems to be able to switch the mood and focus on sincerity and showing what his heart is about, and what’s important to him.  

“Throw Out Ya Back” is another track for the ladies, but this time he’s took it to dance floor with a song the shawties can surely twerk to.  By this time, you’ll be impressed the diversity of the production on the album, that easily compliments T Veno Da God’s ever so laid back trill flow.

The album concludes with a soul-sampled production with an addictive refrain, that will have you running it back.  It’s the shortest song on the album, and a fitting ending to the vision. In conclusion, this is a great introduction to T Veno Da God and a perfect soundtrack for those who love the classic, trill rap flows from the mid-2000s.  It takes you back to a place where rap was vastly different than what it is now, which good self-reflection and storytelling, while still keeping the beat knocking heavy. T Veno Da God’s “My Testimony” is available on all streaming platforms.  Check it out now!