This Week In Minnesota Hip Hop

First, we have a new track from Minneapolis MC 3Flection. It’s been about a year since the release of his latest album Adapt & Evolve but 3Flection did not miss a stride in that time. “Solutions over Sympathy” features a guest verse from Konstant Movement and a light bouncy beat from Diatonic.

Rapper and Spoken Word artist See More Perspective released “A Seed” collaboration with Katia Cardenas. See More Perspective raps of constant growth in and out of Cardenas’ silvery background vocals. As a true collaboration Cardenas also sings a verse and plays bass guitar on the song. See More Perspective is finishing up his upcoming album, Jaws of Life. You can check the first single “Nod Your Head“.

(Urban) Atmosphere’s video for “Ear Blister” that was recorded in 1995 is finally seeing the light of day.  The video from way back when features Slug and D Spawn rocking spots in Minneapolis in that goofy way that you’d expect from some young rap kids. The visuals are in connection with the Rhymesayers’ 20th Anniversary celebration. In addition to this video, the crew at Rhymesayers are putting out other cool nostalgic videos.

The creative people at Polkadot Mayhem started the new year off with a surprise album, Pale Blue Dot, from seasoned MC Botzy and his new cohorts Dig Mode and The Once-ler. The trio trade bars over heavy atmospheric beats from The Once-ler and join forces with Lucas Dix (of Jellyfish Brigade) and Bae Tigre, who are featured on separate tracks. Check out Botzy talking about the first single “Kamikaze” back this fall.

Doomtree’s newest album All Hands is here and the crew continues to roll like a tidal wave. After taking great, cohesive steps forward with No Kings it comes as no surprise that the follow-up moves seamlessly from track to track and from verse to verse while maintaining each members distinctive style.