The Last Blowout Ever: Doomtree Reveals Details of Blowout Ten

The Doomtree crew has announced eight days worth of shows all a part of the tenth and final edition of the annual Doomtree Blowout. Though it is the last Blowout, Doomtree made sure to kill any negative rumors before they began. “This in no way marks the end of Doomtree.” Wrote Lazerbeak in the announcement.

In total, Doomtree will be knocking out 10 shows in eight days from starting Saturday, December 6, at the Turf Club in St. Paul. First Avenue will be the host of the final Blowout on December 13.

One notable day is Surly Doomtree day. The local brewer and Doomtree are partnering to bring together music and beer. Few details are available for the December 7 show; they’ll become available on Doomtree’s website.

The next night Doomtree will hold a side project night at Icehouse. Aside from solo works, the members of Doomtree are also collaborating with other locals all the time.

Tuesday will be all ages Blowout at the Triple Rock Social Club. In addition, Doomtree will visit area schools during the day.

Again, you can view the whole weeks worth of show details here.

A portion of all sales for this year’s blowout with be donated to charity organizations, according the event announcement. Southside Family Nurturing CenterAnimal Humane Society, Hope Community Center, Domestic Abuse Project, and Kicker Project will all benefit from the sales.

Tickets for the Last Blowout Ever go are on sale Friday, October 3 here. Members of Doomtree will also be at The Depot on Friday at 4:30 p.m. to sell show tickets and  50 “All In” passes to all the ticketed events, according to the Doomtree newsletter.

A while back Doomtree dropped a new single “.38 Airweight” – it’s unclear if this song is going to be on the new record due in 2015.