Medium Zach is Back With “The Art of the Flip”

After a busy hiatus from his solo music, Big Quarters MC/engineer/producer Medium Zach returns to the MPC for “The Art of the Flip.”

Clocking in just over two minutes, the McNally Smith instructor schools the new producer’s how to flip the classic Issac Hayes song “Walk On By” into a sly ode to the boom bap. While it is a refreshing reintroduction for the acclaimed beatsmith, it also serves as a touching merger of two worlds for the first time father.

“The art of the flip is about making the most of what you have,” said Medium Zach. “Between mixing other people’s music, teaching, and taking care of my first son, I’ve had less time for making new music. Had this record on in the nursery, and it inspired me to bring the MPC in there to put this together while he slept.”

Aside from his new addition to his home life, Medium Zach has also been hard at work mixing many local projects, including the widely celebrated Born to Lurk, Forced to Work from Greg Grease. With the promise of more music to come, this could prove to be a good reason to start a commotion in the nursery.

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