Tall Paul Appears on Fox News During #NoDAPL Coverage (VIDEO)

Minnesota MC, Tall Paul was featured on national media outlet Fox News late last week. Paul and veteran rapper Litefoot had a conversation with correspondent Bryan Llenas.

Tall Paul was asked about the message of his music, culture, and the Dakota Access Pipeline, saying “This pipeline [plan] was moved from Bismarck and put down in the Standing Rock reservation. I don’t know what it is, if it’s racism, when the officials in Bismarck ask you to move the pipeline you listen, but when the officials in Standing Rock ask, you just ignore them?” about the latter.

Members of the Standing Rock Reservation and other tribes and groups have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline arguing that it’s continued construction will pollute water supplies and damage the environment. Locally, there has been protests surrounding the Hennepin County Sherriff’s involvement at Standing Rock, including video of deputies beating protesters with batons.

The full Tall Paul video is definitely worth the watch. Check it out here.

Paul released his latest album, No Good Goody Guy , in December 2015.

Header photo is a screenshot from the original video.