Sound Verite Records Returns With The Sounds of The City in Vol. 2

After a full year since releasing their acclaimed compilation, the Purple City powerhouse, Sound Vérité Records has done it again by releasing Sound Vérité Records Volume 2.

Originally released at Soundset, this 19 track compilation provides the promise that pulses under the surface of the Twin Cities. Curated by Jon Jon Scott and Delano Francis, SVR Vol. 2 extends beyond the label roster to recruit a unique blend of genre defying synth sensations.

“We wanted to figure out something to hand out to people for the free.99, to get em familiar with, who we fuck with and who we see defining what is today’s Minneapolis music scene,” as stated on their Soundcloud page. “All while trying to have it sonically sound and socially conscious to what’s going on around us.”

Featuring exclusive material from the likes of Lady Midnight, Izell Pyramid, Nazeem & Spencer Joles, Talia Knight, Muja Messiah and many more, it blends all of its multi faceted pieces to create a musical mosaic that represents the serenely sweet voice of the creative community.

This follows in the footsteps of Volume 1, which was voted City Pages Best Compilation of 2016.

Check out Sound Vérité Records Volume 2 below and be sure to keep up with the latest news from the label on their website, Soundcloud and Twitter.