The Stand4rd: Hidden In Plain Sight

Who are The Stand4rd? The group is four vocalists/producers from the Twin Cities; Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, Psymun, and Spooky Black. All of which have made their own respective splashes in the Minnesota Hip Hop scene in the past few years. They’ve recently joined together and have released a handful of tracks. The most recent song “Simple Needs” is accompanied by an incredible video directed by Alex Howard.

Accompanying the release of “Simple Needs” the group has announced a handful of tour dates in the U.S. and Canada. They’ll kick off the tour in St. Paul at the Amsterdam Bar on November 1st, according to Basil Presents. The tour marks the first time all four members will perform together as a group, and the first time Spooky Black has been a part of a live show.

In addition, the group has collaborated on a handful of solo released tracks.

Allan Kingdom’s latest release, Future Memoirs, features all members of The Stand4rd in some way. Production from Bobby Raps, Psymun and a feature from Spooky Black on “Wavey” which is produced by Kingdom and Psymun.

St. Paul Emcee Bobby Raps is the oldest name in The Stand4rd. Beginning with the Audio Perm collective and branching out to solo raps and production. Raps has produced a beats for many Minnesota artists. Most notably, he teamed up with local legend Muja Messiah for the Empire Status album. Evident in “Simple Needs”, Raps has added singing to his arsenal of talents.

Psymun is fresh of an album that received global attention with K.Raydio, LucidDreamingSkylines. This summer he dropped a solo album called “Pink Label” that also featured all members of the Stand4rd.

Spooky Black received viral attention for his song and video “Without U” since then he’s released the album Black Silk, the Leaving EP, and a handful of singles. “DJ Khaled Is My Father” features production from Psymun and Spooky.

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