Spooky Black Drops Video For “Reason”

Spooky Black dropped a new video Wednesday for the track “Reason”. The track features production from Doc McKinney, Psymun and Bobby Raps of Thestand4rd. Spooky Black is in the Thestand4rd along with other Minnesota MCs and producers Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, and Psymun. You can check out their tracks on Soundcloud. The video, directed by Harry Sutherland,  features Spooky Black crooning alongside a river. Spooky ditches the do-rags and turtlenecks for shorts and a fantastic Vaseline  brand t-shirt. The occasional pixelation and trippy effects compliment the smooth hazy beat. “Reason” appears to be a non album track.  It does not show up on The Leaving EP or Black Silk. You can keep up with Spooky on Twitter and  Soundcloud.