See More Perspective Gets The Good Angle On Sex Tape

See More Perspective is back with his first album release since 2013. The St. Paul MC has amassed a collection of sex-positive raps on the album appropriately titled; Sex Tape (Or My Response to Our Morbidly Underdeveloped Sex Education). The album highlights the backwardness of living in a society where hyperbolic images of sex are omnipresent and sex education doesn’t even scratch the surface. That idea carries through the whole album but is perfectly summed up in the song “Counter Clockwork Orange” when See More raps “Forced down your throat and you’ll be asked not to swallow, up to your eyes, you’ll be told not to wallow.”

“Sex is pushed on us all, but we don’t have any education. We can’t process it because it’s so taboo. We find it; we get our hand slapped. You’re not supposed to do that, you’re not supposed to touch that, you’re not supposed to see that but yet we’re being drowned in it.” See More said of our culture of sex, “It’s like their setting us up to fail.”

a1856511944_10[1]The initial idea of Sex Tape came from the beats that See More’s brother and producer Nye made sampling the soundtracks of 70’s porn films. The films were scored by funk bands that were pigeon-holed into doing only these type of soundtracks. So the samples haven’t been used as much as the other funk records from the same era. The topics at hand and the specificity of some of the samples pushed See More into certain topic directions. “I try to have this conversation with the instrumentals almost. It’s not like their speaking and I’m trying to write down what they say. I’m trying to hear what they have to say and then I’m responding.” See More said.

The connection between the topic and beat are very apparent on the track “Asshole Boss” where the opening sample of a women speaking about her boss trying things on her sets the topic of the verses. See More raps “Boss on his way inside, eyes scopin’. Ladies on the rise trying to keep their smiles golden. He takes it the wrong and thinks the sign says open,” describing the beginning of an abusive situation where the boss steps over the line with a co-worker who might not be in a situation to say no and potentially lose the job.

The vocal samples on the album also show the absurdity of how porn plays out in comparison to real-life sex. In the introduction track the male character uses the laughable pick up line “I don’t want to get your mind off, I want to get your clothes off.”

See More offers his perspective on the male dominance culture in the song “Dude, Interrupted” where he goes line for line with a male character who self proclaims he’s “never P.C..” and refers to the women he’s trying to hook up with as “freaks.” See More points out the characters flawed thought process and relates it back to media constructs. He then challenges the listener to break the cycles of male dominance that we’re exposed to in everyday life. “Let’s interrupt that cycle at every possibility.” See More said. “It can be a question, or sometime it can be like ‘I’m not super comfortable with (what you said), maybe we can move on.'”

Mr. Perspective enlists the help of Alicia Steele and Kaoz, both Hip Hop artists and sex educators, to deliver monologues on Sex Tape that emphasize our sexual mis-education. “I wanted to get more of that expertise on the album. I didn’t just wanted it to be a dude talking about these subjects.” See More said.

Steele delivers a sensuous monologue about the positive connections of consensual sex on “Consensus.” While Kaoz’s monologue closes the album by offering the listener grim facts about the HIV positive population of Minnesota that is dis-proportionally African American. “Statewide rates of (HIV infection during 2013) of African Americans are nearly eleven times greater than whites…a very disproportionate number.” Kaoz recites on the track “The Epidemic.”

Aside from Steele and Kaoz the only other guest on the album is Ganzobean, of St. Paul, who does DJ work on the record.

When people listen to the record See More hopes they can come away after listening knowing that there is much more to sex than what society tells us. “There is more to see and experience than what we experience on a day-to-day basis. So go learn about it!” See More said.

See More plans to celebrate healthy sexuality and the release of Sex Tape with two-nights of  hip hop, poetry, visual art and more this Friday and Saturday (October 9th and 10th) at Patrick’s Cabaret in St. Paul. Check out all the details HERE.

Make sure to listen to Sex Tape on Bandcamp and stay connected with See More Perspective on Twitter and Facebook.

A previous version of this article did not have the details of the release shows because the details were not public at the time.