See More Perspective Serves Up Samurai Jack Themed “See More Eye Jack”

See More Perspective continues placing himself in a strongly unique place. In “See More Eye Jack” he shares another portrait of himself through the lens of a plot based on Samurai Jack. Mr. See More ‘raps together his love of the cult-hit cartoon Samurai Jack, and classic sounding boom-bap stylings. He even ties everything to present-day with audio samples of Agent Orange (aka Donald Trump). The samples are augmented in the song’s video showing Trump as Samurai Jack’s arch enemy Aku.

“See More Eye Jack” is the title track of his upcoming four-song EP, available for download on April 5th. Expect more Samurai Jack influenced songs, mixed in with spot-on cultural critiques. His real-life brother Nye produced the whole thing.

While you’re waiting for Samurai Jack to return to our futures, check out See More Perspective‘s latest project Sex Tape (Or My Response to Our Morbidly Underdeveloped Sex Education) and the subsequent Prince tribute/remix album Sex Tape In Purple.