RP Hooks Doles Out on “George Soros” & 340am

RP Hooks released his new single, “George Soros,” on Tuesday. With production from longtime collaborator, AMATI, it is also the first song that Hooks wrote for his upcoming album “340am.”

With rebellious raps caused by the disturbing trends in the of money dictating the state of affairs, RP Hooks made a point to name the song after the Hungarian business magnate, known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” after making $1 Billion after short selling $10 Billion US worth of pounds during the “Black Wendesday” UK currency crisis back in 1992, as he stated “The world is only going to get worse before it gets better, so know who controls everything.”

As mentioned in the line “a true libra got two lives, one in the Chi and one in Minnesota,” he also details the madness that is plaguing his former residence of Chicago. “It’s the only place that really feels like home,” said Hooks. “As far as the madness, it’s a mix of things. When you have a corrupt political system and corrupt police force, horrible things happen.”

Aside from George Soros, 340am also reveals RP Hooks’ passion for production as he produced a large majority of the tracks with the help of his Black SPVCE partner, Ninety. “Ninety taught me most of these tricks.” “About a year ago, he stopped by the crib and taught me how to use Ableton in about an hour. From there, I started working on this project. I probably spend most of my days producing now.”

340am is slated to be released on September 30. You can keep up to date with RP Hooks on his Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and tumblr.