Reefa Rei Is In A Class of His Own in “Stopping ME”

Even though his #FreeTape was released a month back, Minneapolis MC Reefa Rei has proved that he is impervious to a hiatus in “Stopping ME.

Carried by the beat’s elusive and eerie sample paired with haunting quotes from both 2Pac & The Notorious BIG,  Reefa Rei flexes on his adversaries with his distinct gravelly voice and his faultless flow that sounds off like an automatic handgun. Directed by Fella Fellz, the video showcases the duality of the dapper rapper as he at one moment polishes off a nightcap at the City Works bar and boasting his skills in the midst of a back alley in the next. With a extensive track record of impressive features and singles, it’s going to be hard to find anyone able to stop Rei and his musical momentum. #WangWang

Check out the video above as you can catch Reefa Rei performing live at the 7th St Entry this Friday night opening up the Mirage Green Lure Album Release Party.