Red Poets Society Calls Out The Red Hats In “Make America Great Again”

On a day where the United States attempts to put aside their differences and celebrates the birth of a nation, this year has proven difficult to be enthusiastically patriotic given that the president follows the drafts of D.W. Griffith more than the constitution. While tensions continue to simmer, T.O.N.Y & Tall Paul came together as the Red Poets Society to ask what does “Make America Great Again” even mean?

Directed by Mercies May with his signature cinematic gloss, the video finds the MCs and other descendants of America’s cruel history as servants catering to the bloated desires of the white master of the manor. Following Tone’s verse depicting the level of fear and uneasy feeling that the latest administration has put forward, it shows the air of egotism that comes from privilege that emits from the master’s strut about the mansion. With Tall Paul’s deft raps detailing the atrocities against the indigenous, the video is a metaphor for white supremacy that permeates every facet of this nation, complete with a utter disregard to a black man’s warning of fiery disaster. Matched with a soulful production to make the medicine go down, “Make America Great Again” is a beautiful reminder of the struggle that persists and even if the country was never great, at least the song is.

Check out the video above & listen to the debut EP here. Plus check out the song as it features an old interview where Trump shows his true colors yet again.