Rap For Life: At Risk Youth Benefit Show Saturday


Back in December of 2012 the first Rap For Life benefit show happened in front of a packed house at Honey and from that point co-creators, Ashley Seeler and Christopher Michael Jensen, knew that they wanted to keep going. “There were a lot of tears shed and heartfelt moments, but then genuine fun and partying, too. All of that to us was really beautiful and I know that is one the greatest memories that Ashley and I both ever experienced.” Jensen said.

The fifth installment of Rap For Life is this Saturday at the Amsterdam Bar in St. Paul. This edition’s lineup is packed; Menage QuadMetasota, Illuminous 3, Christopher Michael Jensen, False Teeth, and Softporecorn are all rocking the stage. In addition beat-boxer Bloomer is hosting and there will be live art and spoken word performances.

Rap For Life 5 will benefit at-risk youth through the non-profit organization Kulture Klub Collaborative. “KKC does a lot of great work with youth on the streets to help empower them through art and connect them with the community,” Jensen said.”We both have seen art have a big impact on those around us and in the local music scene and community and it has been a very healing and therapeutic thing in our lives.”

Fifty percent of the shows proceeds will go to KKC. In addition there is a GoFundMe page set up for people that cannot make the show and still want to donate.

Each past show has benefited a different cause. “We helped raise funds for suicide prevention, we tackled chemical dependency awareness next, and then domestic abuse awareness, and then mental health” Jensen said.

The benefiting causes of Rap For Life have been chosen by Seeler and Jensen. “We choose causes based on both those that have personally affected us and those close to us, as well as those we have come to understand greatly affect a larger population.” Seeler said.

“Rap For Life was born under the notion of doing something different. We wanted to both enjoy the art that was being made and raise money for different causes. Art and awareness work really well together, both based in passion.” Seeler said.

Find out more details about the show at it’s Facebook page.