Excitement Prevailed In Pre-Pride Party

As the humidity rose throughout the Twin Cities, nowhere was steamier than the Cabooze for Greenroom Magazine and RedBull SoundSelects’ Pre-Pride Party.

Packed with free spirits and inseparable lovers, the stage was set for Milwaukee’s Zed Kenzo and Lex Allen to set it off for their neighbors to the west. Fueled by DJ Keezy’s the booming playlists amplified by Dua’s powerful calls to dance, the room was alive and frenzied. As the sweat started to drip, it was only fitting to welcome Chicago’s freakiest MC, CupcakKe on stage to celebrate the kinky secrets usually shared behind closed doors. Clad in a transparent top, the 20 year old internet sensation launched into her erotic catalog including her hits “Deepthroat” and her ally anthem “LGBT” with infectious energy. Along with raps that would make Trina blush, the MC known as Queen Elizabitch proved that she was more than just perverse pillow talk by making a touching point of the importance of loving yourself right before launching into her song “Biggie Smalls” to much deserved fanfare.


After basking in the skilled set from DJ Shannon Blowtorch, the moment had finally arrived as the Queen Diva made her exalted entrance before a fever pitched cheers. Although briefly lamenting on her recent injuries, Big Freedia and her supporting dancers did not waste any time making the building bounce by blasting the fast paced bass to make the crowd breakout into sweaty and spontaneous twerking. Drawing upon the fervor of her classics “Duffy” and “Na Who Mad,” the vibe was electric with the quick footed grace of the steppers and stamina of the most dedicated dancers. It set reached its climax when one of Big Freedia’s team defied gravity by making her booty work off the wrong side of the balcony railing, capturing the exhilarating pulse of the party. And no show would be complete without the Queen taking in the local talent as a dozen of the most devoted dancers took to the stage to show out for the ‘Sota.


When the show came to a close and ears began to ring, the Pre-Pride Party proved to be a night of comradery and acceptance for all willing to let go of their inhibitions and judgements. Free of the chauvinism and predatory vibes that seep into many of the dance shows, it proved to be a compelling start to the Pride festivities ahead.

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