Guante & Katrah-Quey Are Posting Up For “Post-Post-Race” Release Show

PPR Release Show Flyer 2As many Americans are glued to their TVs, emotionally polarized by the latest racial slurs and hate crimes; Minneapolis’ Guante and Katrah-Quey are out to turn the spotlight back upon the broken system with their new album Post-Post-Race.

Set to be released on Monday, March 7th, the Upworthy MC/poet channels his fiery focus on the evolution of modern racism and how to deconstruct the overbearing status quo. With the vibrant production from Katrah-Quey to help ease the listener into the otherwise uncomfortable topics of white supremacy, police brutality and gentrification, Post-Post-Race is the conversation that everyone wants to have but are never sure where to begin.

For those that are too anxious to wait the weekend, the duo are celebrating the album with the Post-Post-Race Release Show today at the Whole Music Club in the basement of Coffman Memorial Union at the U of M campus at 8pm. Along with the album’s supporting cast of Tony the Scribe, GP Jacobs, Lucien Parker, See More Perspectives, Laresa Avent and Pressed Presents (Jayanthi Kyle and Alicia Steele), this free concert is sure to be possess the same tenacious spirit that carries throughout the 9 track release.

Post-Post-Race is available for pre-order right now on bandcamp. Be sure to keep up with Guante through his website, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Tumblr and Youtube as well as Katrah-Quey through his website, Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.