PREMIERE: OKNice is Ready to Rejoice in “GOTDANG!”

For many battle rappers, the stigma still remains that they are mediocre songwriters as they continue to assert masterful skill as an MC. Yet with cats like OKNice, this proves to be false as seen in his purposeful new video, “GOTDANG!

Filmed by Kevin Vogel of Aim North Photography, the St. Paul MC is caught within the stop-motion lens illustrating the minor changes that give new flavor to the general malaise of the days-to-days. From the changing seasonal attire to his local haunts, he offers a sense of cautious optimism as he goes he conquers doubts as well as works to achieve his artistic ambitions. Produced by deerxxgod, the sirene chords are bound to uplift your spirits as he channels his booming vocals to reveal the mundane as the miraculous. While keeping with the razor-sharp precision that battle fans have come to expect from him, “GOTDANG!” successfully paints a powerful portrait of his psyche and continues to show why OKNice is an MC to keep on your radar.

Check out “GOTDANG!” video above & check out the song on his Soundcloud. And be sure to keep up with OKNice on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming battles and shows.