Off 10 Rolls Two-In-A-Row With New EPs

On G.P. Jacob’s 30th Birthday, Off 10 gifted us with a new EP, “Roll Some Shake with Spencer & Jake Vol 1.”

G.P. Jacobs and Unfuh Qwittable decided to let loose the unreleased material as a “tribute to The Libras” that features production from Cory Grindberg, DJ TIIIIIIIIIIP & Mike The Martyr.

A week later, the fun kept going with another three tracks on RSSWSAJ Vol.2.

Kicking Vol. 2 off is a “No Type” remix, Unfuh shares bars concerning the not so glamorous realities of being working class that stands in stark contrast with the original’s lyrics. Vol. 2 rounds out with a posse cut featuring 80H20 and Metasota over Cory Grindberg’s red velvet beat.

Keep up with GP and Unfuh on Twitter and Facebook ’cause I bet this is just the beginning (Vol. 3 is on the way).