Nsikak Shares Chocolate and Saves The Day In “Everybody Loves Chocolate”

Nsikak gives us his first release of 2016 a brand new video and single titled “Everybody Loves Chocolate.” The video, shot by BfewJr, follows Nsikak as he plays a television superhero who shows up to the save a handful of colorless situations with chocolate. The chocolate is representative of Black culture’s influence on American culture and how often times no credit is given to the originators. The song and video maintain a cheerful mood that compliments the heavy subject matter which helps drive the thesis home. No word if “Everybody Love Chocolate” will appear on Nsikak’s upcoming album The Lost Generation.

Nsikak and the 3ME crew continue to grow with every release since the debut These Moments in 2014. They’ll be celebrating their success THIS THURSDAY at the Cabooze in Minneapolis with their second Good Vibe City event featuring performances by Nsikak, GainesFM, Ayvah Macfarlane, Rich Garvey and BdotCroc. Check out the details here.