Nazeem & Spencer Joles Light One Up For “Lake St.”

As the world awaits their anticipated Soundset performance at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, Minneapolis own Nazeem & Spencer Joles decided to take them back to the Southside with their new song, “Lake St.

Produced by Spencer Joles, the musical mutineers unload their creative arsenal with a mix of downtempo harmonies and incendiary flows that conveys a complex sense of warmth in the face of societal disillusionment. Offered as the debut single from their upcoming new EP, Years of Obscurity, the video follows the metaphorical journey of the star Liban Mahamoud as he is caught in the struggle between his quest for inner peace while cutting and jabbing his way out of the blood thirsty reality. This comes on the heels of their collaborative video with J.Plaza for the Topper Atwood produced gem, “Surprise MF’er” where the pair proves that the hype is real and ready to assume their place at the forefront of the emerging generation of multifaceted Hip Hop.

Check out their self directed video above as well as check out their Soundcloud to hear more from the duo. And be sure to experience their performance at Soundset on May 28th, 2017, which tickets can be purchased here.