Naj Out To Ruffle Some Feathers with “Mockingbird”

On Tuesday evening, St. Paul MC Naj made a resounding cry for freedom with his new video “Mockingbird.”

Directed by Matt Wales of M&A Productions, video finds Naj shrouded in righteous contemplation as he illustrates the power of one’s voice and the lengths of which the elite will go to suppress it. Lead by a foretelling speech from the Black Panther pioneer, Fred Hampton, the video also includes footage of other black leaders as the song insinuates the real reasons behind the suspicious circumstances that lead to their untimely passings. By preaching the importance of free thought throughout his nimble and poignant flows, Naj proves that he is not mimicking anyone’s song as he is steering away from the “safe topics” into a more defiant and dutiful realm that is all his own.

Check out “Mockingbird” above. Be sure to keep up with Naj on his Twitter, InstagramFacebook and Soundcloud, which has his latest release, After The Projxcts (The Civil Tape) available for stream and download.