MG Pays It Forward With S.R.S. (Cancer Tribute)

As cancer continues to permeate through families throughout the world, 302 Muzik/Wange Entertainment MC, MG released a call for strength and positivity in his latest single, “S.R.S. (Cancer Tribute).”


Described as an inspirational anthem for those struggling with the disease, the Milwaukee transplant found a way to translate his empathetic pain into his tactfully deft lyrics and syrupy flow over holy organs. As seen within the title of the song, MG combined his stoic raps and brazen spoken word into a song that strikes close to his heart.

“I was inspired to write this song by my friend, Rashied, my cousin, Sharde, and my aunt, Sonya,” said MG. “Each of them were diagnosed with a form of cancer, my cousin and my aunt beat it, and my friend, Rashied is still currently fighting the battle. I took the first letters of each of their names and came up with the title S.R.S.”

As many writers might struggle with tackling an issue bearing such weighty sentimental attachment, MG confesses that he went into writing this with a calm reserve.

“To be honest this track wasn’t too different from most of the other tracks that I do. I naturally put so much emotion and my life into my music that it was just another piece. The biggest difference is just the topic. When you do a song about something like cancer, it just grabs a broader audience because so many people have had to deal with it, but for me it’s just another story that I’m explaining to the people. My main goal in this piece was to make it for everyone and not just me, where a lot of my music I only take my own feelings into consideration because normally I write just for me to heal, and deal with all of the things that I went through. But, I decided to do this piece not only for Sharde, Rashied, and my aunt, but for everyone who had to fight this terrible fight, and for the families that had to go through it also. At the same time, I also wanted to show people that it’s more to cancer than just the disease, but there are also the cancerous people that we need to get away from that everyone should be able to relate too.”

Building off of the bridging interlude of the second verse, MG focuses his mind to flip cancer beyond the ravages of the disease to stress the detriment of negativity that exudes from fake people around them.  As seen in both moments of crisis and success, attitudes of within each person’s inner circle can change just as quickly as the weather.

“Sometimes you grow up in an environment that you try to grow out of. A lot of people struggle to grow out of it because they are so worried about what the next person may think of them. People are placed in your life for a reason, and people are placed in your life at a certain time for a reason. When you start getting older you realize that some of the people you thought would always be there for you aren’t, and it’s not their fault just things happen, and people change. The problem comes into play when those people start hating on you or trying to bring you down, and don’t allow you to be the person you need to be. So when you are in a situation where you have those people that are constantly bringing negativity in your life, sometimes it’s best to let go of that relationship, because it does nothing but bring you down.”

From the man who responsible for the Words From The Soul series, attitude and perspective can make all the difference when it comes to difficult situations. As he wrote the song with hopes of inspiring and encouraging those fighting the good fight, MG has learned that this can be the greatest factors in the arduous process of recovery.

“It’s hard for me to even imagine what those people are going through. All that I can say is that there are people that survive this disease, so why can’t you be one of them? I’m an optimistic person, so I always feel like if there’s a 1% chance that’s good enough for me. My dad had a massive heart attack where he had about a 4% chance to live, and I vividly remember one of the doctors telling me to get the funeral arrangements ready, but with the help of God he fought through and came out of it as if nothing ever happened to him. I feel like things happen for a reason and experiences can make you or break you, but you have the power to decide if it will make you or if it will break you.”

S.R.S. (Cancer Tribute) is now available on iTunes and amazon. Be sure to keep up to date with MG on his Twitter page, soundcloud as well as through the 302 Muzik website.