MC1980 Talks New EP, Crpyticon, and Upcoming Album

MC1980 has been a driving force in the Duluth/Twin Port scene for a few years now. Chances are if you’ve been to a Hip Hop show in Duluth in recent years you might have seen him on the stage, behind the scenes, or in the crowd. 1980 has shared the stage with Sage Francis, Blueprint, Illogic, Sims, Mike Mictlan and Carnage. He has, once again, brought his unique storytelling rhymes and absurd sarcasm to his new EP and upcoming album.

MC1980 recently dropped a collection of horror themed songs as Welcome to the Grindhouse. The songs are “Side A” of four total sides for the Grindhouse release. The horror themed songs come from 1980’s love for horror films, including the song “Norman” named after the main character of the film Psycho, Norman Bates. 1980 was inspired after re-watching Psycho and seeing the recent series Bates Motel. “I thought I should go back and binge on the movies again. After all that , I thought it would be fun to try [and] write a song about Norman Bates that didn’t have a super dark vibe, something that someone might accidentally dance to if they weren’t paying attention to the lyrics.” 1980 said.

Grindhouse Side A features an alternate solo version to the song “Ghost”  that will appear on his next album Sucks!. The version on Sucks! has a guest verse from Crimson and a chorus sung by Suzy Q. “When I was writing and demoing for the song I realized I had enough ideas to finish it alone, even though I wanted those two on the track, so I just recorded an alternate version.” 1980 said.

When all four sides are released. the album will be released on CD with extra bonus tracks, according to 1980.

As a horror film fan, 1980 religiously attends the horror film convention Crypticon Minneapolis. Between chopping it up with Corey Feldman and buying Elvira comics, he found time to do a few impromptu hotel room shows at the convention. “One of my friends was running a party room this year and I asked him if I could perform in the room, and they said it was cool. So both Friday and Saturday night I set up a small PA system, we filled the room with people and we went crazy for about 40 minutes! The official Crypticon live music events are always all scary metal bands, which is cool and appropriate but I think some people were glad to hear something different happening as far as music goes.” 1980 said.

Sucks! is the official follow-up to the debut album Professional Idiot and Starving Artist that came out in 2012. 1980 released the first single, “Outtatune“, this past summer. With an upbeat boom bap beat and lyrics that have the MC’s signature shade of sarcasm, the single picks up where P.I.S.A. left off. “There will be a few laid back tracks like “Ghosts” and one or two serious songs, but mostly I think it’s gonna be a fun album! I hope to have it out earlier next year.” MC1980 said about Sucks! and it’s tracks.

In addition to the solo materials, 1980 is working on a new collab EP, Bloodsucking Bastards with Duluth MC C-Silence. Keep up with MC1980 on Twitter and Facebook.