CRAM Pulls The Mask Off In “Mascot”

On Thursday, the irreverent rapping renegades known as CRAM returned to contemplate upon their clowning in their new video for “Mascot.”

Directed by Alan De Leon Taverna, the punk personas lose focus in the ever changing psychedelic display of colors & effects to show a psilocybin induced sense of clarity. With the velvety vocals from Gabriella Jacobs transcending Shrimpnose‘s lucid lullaby, the crew of Janitor Jones, Tommy Bathwater & Alfred Ziplock are joined by Chester Watson as they speak on behalf of a disenfranchised generation attempting to dream within the divisive realities at hand.

Check out the video above & be sure to peep their opening set for SmokePurrp & Lil Pump at the Triple Rock Social Club on Sunday, September 18th.