Mac Irv Drops Video For “Vouch”

Fresh off a successful show at the Pourhouse, Mac Irv is here with a new video for “Vouch.”

In the song, Irv addresses coming home and starting over after turning down a luxurious basketball contract overseas. “I spent all my money because I thought I was going to make more money the next year, you know what I mean.” Irv said, “I had to start over. I was staying on my pop’s couch.”

Along with the support of his family Irv also had, and still has, the support of his friends on the Northside. “Most people know North Minneapolis as a place where you don’t want to be caught at night time, but that’s where I grew up and no matter what I can’t take that away.” Irv said. “These are the people I grew up with.”

The Northside doesn’t often get portrayed as good, but Irv says there is a misunderstanding.  “I feel we can be misunderstood. Even me, as an artist, I still get ‘Man, you ain’t talking about the streets’ – I’m not from the streets, I’m [just] from that side.”

The new song is produced by Twin Cities producer Willie Wonka. Wonka has been frequent collaborator and friend of Irv for about three years. Irv and Wonka went to the University of Minnesota together, but it wasn’t until a chance encounter at a gas station that they became good friends. “He’s been a producer, he’s been a video guy, he’s been everything you need. Anything I need, I can depend on Wonka to do.” Irv said. “He’s been a really good friend of mine too, and that’s what makes the vibe much easier.”

“Vouch” is from the upcoming album Sincerely, Mac Irv due to drop this fall, according Irv. The project is a metaphorical letter to Minneapolis and his hometown fans. “I’m giving my heart to the listeners of the city.”

Next up for Irv is a show in Iowa on September 25. Along with Sincerely, Mac Irv release, Irv is planning to do more shows including a tour with a national artist and a trip to SXSW next year.

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