Launched Vol. 1: Raising The Bar For The Youth

Introductions can be hard. The act of reaching out to someone new and presenting yourself is a beautiful experience in itself, but that doesn’t that spare the social awkwardness of it all. First you must figure out how to gain their attention, then proceed to greet them in a matter that engages them to remember who you are. It could lead to a brief conversation, welcomed into a gathering or it can end as soon as it began. Whatever happens, the result always carves out the initial impressions that are sure to remain in each parties personal histories, in hopes of reconnecting again with less social anxiety. Now just imagine that process multiplied before an entire crowd. That is the source of nervousness that fills the minds of many performers before they take that first step towards a vast audience. As daunting as this may seem, like any introductions, it’s great to have some friends nearby to support this first interaction. This is what is so special about the upcoming Launched concert series.12711091_1055435571183785_3386015544601490787_o

Created by the lovely Adriana Rimpel, who performs under the stage name of Lady Midnight, Launched serves as an artist development program designed to nurture aspiring artists to have access to new outlets in hopes of their passions reaching that next stage. Based with the influence of the progressive minded Kulture Klub Collaborative, art based non-profit helping those affected by homelessness, they have been a gracious platform for many to make their voices be heard through countless open mics, workshops and production spaces. To further this progress, the Launched series will make its debut by celebrating the releases of two of their talents, BatMN and DJ Teddybear, at the 7th St Entry on Sunday, March 6th at 7pm. With the help of Greg Grease, K. Raydio, Kristoff Krane, DJ Madre T Rosa and Lady Midnight, the show is meant to bridge the gap between the generations and shine some light on the community of artists helping to build the paramount scene that has produced worldwide acclaim.

One of those emerging artists is BatMN who will be releasing his long awaited debut EP, Northern Lights, at the show. Wearing the overlapping hats of MC, producer and engineer, the North Minneapolis resident has devoted himself to music as far back as he can remember. Citing back to when his mom bought him his first piano at the age of 4, he expanded his musicality into singing in choirs and eventually into rapping at the age of 13 to set himself a part from his classmates at Edison High School. It wasn’t until he first encountered the Kulture Klub Collaborative that he began to get serious about performing as well as recording.

“They put into the studio, trained me into the studio, then hired me as the studio engineer,” said BatMN. “KKC is where I attended my first open mic. They also linked me to several artists such as Greg Grease, Kristoff Krane, deM atlaS and many more.”

After releasing mixtapes and singles over the past three years, BatMN is finally ready to unveil his first official release. Named after the wavering lunar streams of light, he remarks that it is a dedication to the ever evolving Minne12744425_985553188199774_1741663033567337957_nsota Hip Hop scene that he has invested himself with and connected him to all the luminous people he has worked with.

“I think that the Minnesota Hip Hop scene is actually alive and well. I love the creativity and artsiness about it. I was welcomed with open arms. But honestly that’s just one community. There are several hip hop communities in Minnesota that really need to come together. I dislike when there is a group that’s all about them selves. If we all worked as a collective and combined all Minnesota styles, we would be on top.”

Promising more than a few surprises in his set, the hopes are that the people are ready for a show. Complete with a production set from DJ Teddybear’s debut EP, Launched Vol. 1 is sure to leave a lasting impression for many as a place to inspire. All they need now is some new faces to make that introduction.

Be sure to keep up with future Launched shows and releases with Kulture Klub Collaborative on their website, Facebook and Twitter. And stay up to date with BatMN on his Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.