Soundset Announces Last Of The Record Buyers Showcase 2016

As Memorial Weekend inches closer, everyone is preparing for the annual Hip Hop mega-festival Soundset. While some are fixated on the phenomenal set of on-stage performers, it has also become home to artists of all mediums within the culture. One of the longstanding traditions of the multifaceted celebration is the Last of the Record Buyers Production Showcase.

Presented and hosted by the legendary Big Quarters, Last Of The Record Buyers is a chance for the minds behind the boards to take their art to the Essential Elements Stage before the eclectically traveled audience. Dating back to 2007 as a monthly showcase held at the iconic Dinkytowner and later relocated to Rhymesayer’s record store, Fifth Element, Last Of The Record Buyers has featured some of the biggest names in beat production in the region. To commemorate the moment, there will also be a themed sample challenge where participants will be creating new productions featuring samples pertaining to the open topic of “State Fair Music.”

This year’s participants are as follows:

Big Cats x Eric Mayson
Greg Grease
Adept x Sloslylove
Talia Knight
Garlic Brown
Orko Eloheim
Frankie Bash
Johnny Shrimpnose
Rich Lee X

Among the 14 local producers, Last Of The Record Buyers will also showcase the work of this year’s headliner Durazzo. Along with his renowned beat tapes, the Bay Area producer is most known for his live performances which features the use of two separate MPC drum machines.

Be sure to get your tickets to Soundset 2016 at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul and arrive early as the showcase runs from noon until 1:30pm on Sunday, May 29th.