Lakeviews Returns with Yare & Baby Shel

This week, Justus and Derek venture outside to enjoy the weather and the music. We also spoke with Minneapolis MC Yare discussing his latest project, FrustrationOVERload as well as his album release show on 3/30 at Honey. And we call Baby Shel to talk about his first headlining show of 2017 at the Nomad on 4/1, organizing an adult basketball program and his experience with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Manor. All this and more in this week’s Lakeviews.

Justus Intro

JNyce: Donuts Experiences

Taylor French: Not Around That ft. Engineer & Travis Reed

Yare Interview

RP Hooks: Pac Talk

Lucien Parker: Impossible

Baby Shel Interview

Cadenza & Allan Kingdom: Vibes

Reed Benjamin & Nate Millyunz: Bless Up (ReedMix)

Mirage: Just Breathe

Ceejus: Jackie Chan

MN Marl3y: Rappers

JNyce: Chain Gang