Metasota Drops Jewels Like Jules in “Lake 80s”


On Tuesday, St. Paul’s pride Metasota suited up & debuted his new music video for his song “Lake 80’s.”

Produced by Tek, it stands as the first official single to his long awaited album #RUMDMT. By recruiting Reefa Rei’s gruff demeanor to the hook, Lake 80’s serves as a gully gem to make your whole crew fall in line to his monumental movement.

To bring his cinematic single to life, Common Culture revisioned it to reflect of the classic dynamic between Pulp Fiction’s seminal shooters with Metasota as Jules Winnfield and Minneapolis beatsmith Dimitry Killstorm as Vincent Vega. Complete with the mysterious briefcase and insightful burger debates, Tarantino would be proud of the attention to detail in this four minute tribute.

Be sure to stay on the look out for #RUMDMT dropping on May 1st as pre-orders are now available for physical copies here.