Lady Midnight Flips Sade For A Cause In “By Your Side (Feel No Pain Remix)”

When it comes to covering the classics, the art largely lies in the line between reinvention without rescinding the core qualities that has allowed it to stand the test of time. While some play it safe and others go to the absolute extremes, Minneapolis vocalist Lady Midnight has found a powerful blend in her rendition to Sade’s classic “By Your Side.”

Photo courtesy of Lady Midnight’s Facebook

Building off of the theme of Oui Us Collective and Public Functionary’sFeel No Pain Night” at the Machine Shop, “By Your Side Remix” was part of a night long tribute to Sade and the symbolic celebration of womanhood. Produced by Budah Tye and featuring synths from Trelly Mo and additional drums from Benzilla, the remix borrows the bold bassline from BadBadNotGood’s hit “Time Moves Slow” while providing in cosmic elements to teleport the listener to the stars and beyond. Factor in her serenely sensual and commanding voice, the remix draws a more direct sense of endearment that the original never revealed.

The song is available on her bandcamp at name your own price, but all proceeds will be donated to the Spiral Collective to help with their mission for “supporting people in reproductive options and support.” Check out the song above and be sure to follow Lady Midnight on her Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.