#LAAB Creator Adam Dunn Has Big, Low-Budget, Vision For Season 8 And Beyond

The latest installment of Lights and a Backdrop (#LAAB) Season Eight dropped Monday. The set of six videos features Minnesota Hip Hop artists 3flection, Botzy, Guante, Knox Ghostlife, Psuedoubt.

Many of the 27 Season Eight videos feature Minnesota Hip Hop artists. At the beginning of the season we caught up with #LAAB creator Adam Dunn to find out more about the popular video series.

Dunn shot 28 of the videos over two days at the Southern Theater in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis. Each video was shot in 30 minutes, and only has five takes.

“The space was amazing…and I wanted to fill it. I wanted to fill it with everyone around. It was a great experience.” Dunn said describing the crazy amount of videos shot in two days.

Lights and a Backdrop was started after Dunn finished  up visual effects work for the major film Man of Steel. He didn’t have anything planned and wanted to experiment with some of the leftover equipment he had sitting at his home. The original set for #LAAB lasted for the first six seasons and cost about 100 dollars, according to Dunn.

Another important aspect of #LAAB is Dunn’s open forum approach to booking artists for the show. “Whether I’ve  heard your music before or if I was a fan. None of that mattered, as long as you wanted to be on the show you were welcome to be on the show.” Dunn said. “I want that to be the way it goes until the show stops.”

Lights and a Backdrop has been more successful than Dunn envisioned when he started. “It’s nuts for me to even think that we’re over 100 episodes on something that I didn’t think would last two seasons.” Says Dunn.

Dunn wants to take #LAAB onto a national scale and have a season for each of the 50 states. ” We had a huge response from the Seattle season. I’m in California now most of the time. So for sure California season, a New York season for sure, a Chicago season for sure,.” Dunn said. “but the final goal for this whole thing is to make #LAAB a 50 state thing.”

Crowd-funding would be used to pay for each season, Dunn says.

After 59 seasons Dunn says he’d call it a day. “We would be somewhere around 600 episodes or so with #LAAB…and 600 episodes is a enough for the show, it’s a enough for any show really.” Dunn said.

Dunn says he’d come up with a new music show after at the end of LAAB.

In addition to #LAAB, Dunn is also the creator of a handful of other web-series, including Let’s Get Lyrical, The Best of Love is Free video series, and Low Budget Cinema. Dunn’s Low Budget Cinema uses “paper bag puppets and poorly drawn cartoons” to tell the story of a classic movie in about ten minutes.

You can follow Adam Dunn on Twitter at @adamjdunn and make sure to subscribe to Evil Ice Cream on Youtube for the latest #LAAB videos.

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