K.Raydio & O.D. Share Two Tracks From Forthcoming Album

Almost a year after her breakout album with Psymun, LucidDreamingSkylines, K.Raydio is back with beat crafter O-D for One Drop. The album will be released on November 8. The first two singles “Underdog” and “The Back Wall” preview classic funk production and soul vocals with a new-age grit.

In “Underdog”, the first single from the album, O-D’s production and K.Raydio vocals ooze with confidence. The song and it’s chorus “You gotta tell yourself I want this” ironically come from a low point in K.Raydio’s creative process. “I was coming out of a long period of writer’s block and was seriously doubting myself. I wanted to write a song that my spirit would want me to hear at that point in time. I still listen to that song now as a confidence boost when I think I’m getting distracted or down on myself.”

The second single “The Back Wall” is a headnodic groove with a laid back tempo. K.Raydio invites the listener to “get your back up off the wall, and let the groove hit ya.”

One Drop has been in the making since the end of 2011 after the two met and collaborated on the Last of the Record Buyers: Collaboration is Key compilation. Working on the album for two years has helped the duo find their voices. “I think, both, musically and personally so much has happened in the past two years, and making this album has been very reflective of that. Speaking for myself, I came into this project still wanting to explore different sounds and styles for myself and O-D’s production helped me to create differently. Over two years, I’ve learned a lot about myself, creating art and ways to break writer’s block.” K.Raydio said.

“When you’re young, you can learn a lot and see your perspectives and influences in life evolve very quickly. In terms of the music, when we decided on doing the project, I wanted to be challenged to both explore some new ground musically in a way that resonated with where K wanted to go with her sound.” O-D said.

Video features “It Will Be” and commentary with Brandon Allday and Kevin Beacham.

Alongside the musical and personal growth in One Drop, the album reflects both K.Raydio and O-D’s influences growing up. From hearing the first two singles it is easy for the listener to pick out the 70s and 80s funk and soul influence that was heard on Hip Hop albums of the past. “So many of the records and sounds that I’ve dug for over the years are of the funk/soul/jazz variety, so it was cool to be able to do an album where that vibe was carried through.” O-D said.

With added synth work “Underdog” and “The Back Wall” do not sound like throwbacks and land perfectly in the now.

K.Raydio and O-D will celebrate the release of their album at Icehouse on Saturday, November 8th along with Metasota & Tek. The release party is hosted by Medium Zach of Big Quarters. Medium is credited with recording, mixing, and mastering the album, but he also had a large un-credited influence on the project. “Zach has been an incredible influence to this project. We had a lot of it fleshed out to an extent when we started to work with him on it, but he really helped us bring it to life. He has a great ear and after working on the album for such a long time, his fresh perspective was incredibly valued. He has helped push us to hear things differently.” K.Raydio said.

“[Zach]’s somebody we’ve been able to really work well with since we both really respect his perspectives and musical ideas and he’s also a genuine fan of what we’re doing so we can see he’s as excited as we are to see the project come together.” O-D said.


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