K.Raydio & JayLap Collab for “Proof”

Back on Monday, before the election took over the world. K.Raydio & JayLap gave us a gift in the form of audio, it’s called “Proof”.

K.Raydio brings her raw,  honest serenade to JayLap’s thudding, string sampling dreamscape. Lyrically, K.Raydio perfectly balances blunt truth with the poetic rhythm that using repetition to drive home the thesis of the song that she has “Proof” of perseverance in hard times. “I can show you bloody knuckles, and I can show you how got them too,” she sings.


JayLap during CRAM show

It’s not clear if there is more music on the way from the two (We certainly hope so here at BxL). K.Raydio is known for her two stellar collaboration albums, LucidDreamingSkylines and One Drop (produced by Psymun & O-D). “Proof” leans towards the spacey sounds coming from LucidDreamingSkylines. JayLap, known for his producing and rapping in CRAM and Future Fossils, continues to show that he can be an incredibly diverse producer.

The soul-filled singer will appear on KVSC 88.1FM this Monday for an in-studio performance at 9pm (Stream).

Also check out another fairly new track from K.Raydio from the Rich Garvey EP Man fo the People. She has a solo interlude on the project.

Photo from Youtube still.