Just Wulf Is Turning 25 & Performing Live for Hip Hop U-Nite 3

After three months since it’s predecessor, St. Paul MC Just Wulf will reinstate the third part in the Hip-Hop U-Nite concert series at the Reverie Cafe & Bar on Friday, October 28th. hhun3-square-flyer

Focusing on a family friendly atmosphere, Hip-Hop U-Nite 3 will be an all ages event and will continue with his pledge of curating Hip Hop shows that is sure to inspire and instill positivity throughout each song. In order to achieve this kind-hearted goal, the show will feature a spectacular multi-generational lineup consisting of the legendary Glo Pesci, LNJay, DJ Mickey Breeze, Nimo The Hooligan as well as Mally hosting the entire night. Along with the superb assortment of artists, Hip-Hop U-Nite 3 will also feature up incoming producer Michael Carter, Jr. as he highlights his jazz fusion compositions for an appreciative audience.

To add to the already momentous evening, the Hecatomb MC/engineer will also be taking the opportunity to celebrate his 25th birthday by performing new collaborations from Michael Carter, Jr’s upcoming album as well as fan favorites from his latest release WhereWulf?!

Come out and support Hip-Hop U-Nite 3 on Friday, October 28th at the Reverie Cafe & Bar with doors opening at 8pm and music beginning at 9pm. Tickets will be $5 while children 8 and younger will receive free admission.


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