G.R.A.C.E.Land & Lerado Finesse Past The Fake in “Ion Know Him”

While the Twin Cities braces itself for the influx of football fans, law enforcement & celebrities, Columbia Heights & St. Paul joined forces to let the people know that G.R.A.C.E.Land & Lerado are not here for the distractions with their new song “Ion Know Him.

Through warm melodies steeped in scrambled static, Brentrambo’s hypnotic production allows the No Good Forever representative & the 78 Season MC to hold a stern reminder that they are grinding to get what’s due as well as willing to handle anyone trying to catch them slipping. Complete with a humble reminder of where they came from, the duo flex their complementing styles to insist that success is not determined by fake love and envy but rather the impact and transformations that make it so appealing.

Check out “Ion Know Him” above and be sure to follow them on their respected social media for the latest updates.