Guante Shares “White People On Twitter” & New Album Title & Concept

On the heels of the anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder by the hands of former Ferguson Missouri police officer Darren Wilson and at a time when #BlackLivesMatter protests are nowhere near falling silent, one of the Twin Cities most politically out-spoken MCs is back with “White People on Twitter” a new song addressing the dismissive attitudes that are seen from many white people on social media when it comes to talking about race. “White People on Twitter” is the first collaboration between Guante and producer Katrah-Quey. Guante also announced that the duo are amidst finishing their new collaborative album Post-Post-Race coming out this fall.

In a post about the new song, Guante elaborated on the new album’s concept. “While brainstorming song ideas, I found myself only being able to write about race, based on all of my Twitter conversations, real-life conversations, and the work that I do as a touring artist/facilitator. The danger in that, of course, is assuming that “writing about race” is automatically a good thing, especially coming from someone who looks like me. I’ve written songs about race before (like “The Invisible Backpacker of Privilege” and “Other”), but never an album-length analysis/deconstruction/exploration/whatever.”

Post-Post-Race will have multiple voices on the issues of race, according to Guante, and the songs will do more than just scratch the surface of the race and racism instead they’ll be digging deep into specific issues.

Keep an eye on Guante on Twitter and his website for more news about the upcoming album. Follow Katrah-Quey on Twitter and check out his most-recent album.