Greg Grease Meditates and Medicates Through “Migraine”

Right before sharing the stage with Ghostface Killah and Kemba in Nashville, Minneapolis MC/producer Greg Grease needed to clear his troubled mind with his new song, “Migraine.”

Built off the electric bounce that generates the hypnotic funk, Dr. Gregory recruits thestand4rd’s Psymun and fellow ZuluZuluu brethen, Trelly Mo to expound the sonic progression found in his latest release, AstralBeat Theories 3. Through the wobbling and soaring synths, the Green WZRD searches for peace while blazing past the petty perpetrators and social constraints that challenges the quest to create. Add in a couple puffs of the medicine, Greg Grease is back to look beyond the bullshit and blur the lines between g-funk and bohemian boom bap.

Check out the track above and grab the DJ Pack on bandcamp. And don’t miss Greg Grease performing with ZuluZuluu at Soundset on Sunday, May 28th.