Graham O’Brien Turns His Drum Set Into MIDI Controller

Drummer and producer extraordinaire, Grahahm O’Brien, has shared a video from his new project Drum Controller. In the video for “Brain Belt” O’Brien feverishly plays the drums all while launching samples from the nearby laptop. This is accomplished using contact microphones and “specialized software”, according to the videos description. This setup was created so that O’Brien could compose without having to stop playing drums. It’s unclear whether or not Drum Controller is going to be an album or only a series of videos.

O’Brien is most notably known as the producer and drummer in No Bird Sing. Along with No Bird Sing, he is a member of the FIX collective with Kill the Vultures, and Kristoff Krane. This year he has pushed the boundaries of being an only Hip Hop producer and released projects with Molly Dean (as Moon and Pollution) and Adam Svec (as Camp Dark).  In the past he played drums in the Hip Hop band and political action group Junkyard Empire.

He also has a solo project from years back called Live Drums. That project later morphed into Prey for Paralysis, a collab between O’Brien, Kristoff Krane, and Sadistik. O’Brien is currently working on producing Kristoff Krane’s next album. The first single “Out of Line” has already been released. Aside from Prey for Paralysis, O’Brien and Krane also worked together in the group Abzorbr.

Keep up with Graham on Facebook and on Twitter at @GrahamOB.