Gorgeous Gang Bangs Out on “Backwoods”

After dropping a few loosies from their collaborative debut, Gorgeous Gang are back to get it lit with “Backwoods.”

As the first of a weekly wave of single releases, brothers Dis-Play & akagod are out to make Mondays monumental by revealing more anticipated tracks from their upcoming project, Gorgeous Gang Vol. 1. With their infectious chemistry over Semaj Beats’ sinister snares, “Backwoods” acts as a battering ram against the tired rap cliches without compromising their anthemic appeal.  13921095_1047587278624094_8531886326261896173_n

“We have a main idea of keeping it like trap/bang beats to reach a younger crowd, but also about being yourself and avoiding misogyny and violence in the lyrics,” said Dis-Play. “That’s all that I’ve been hearing in the lyrics in the music that I’m tending to fuck with. So a lot of times, I would prefer to hear someone rapping about the struggles of life rather than abusing women. That’s the basis of our first album: just be yourself and embrace it. You can still be dope and do your thing (still smoke weed, still turn up, whatever), but without being an asshole.”


Along with “Backwoods,” everything is leading up to the official Gorgeous Gang Release Show on Wednesday, September 7th at The Pourhouse. Complete with performances Craig Xen, Nazeem & Spencer Joles, CRAM, Destiny Spike & The Spike Girls, Vante The Hippie, DJ Smoove & aftrmind, the Palestinian hardcore duo will showcase each of their individual styles alongside their stage ready rapport.

“I had a bunch of solo stuff that I wasn’t really vibing with them,” said Dis-play, “so I decided to re-record them at the same studio as Spencer Joles. Then, I decided that instead of dropping a solo project and a project with akagod, it would be better to mix it together kinda like how Flatbush Zombies sometimes has a solo song or two. So we’re going to mix in a couple of my solo unreleased tracks into the collaborative project.”

Check out “Backwoods” above and be sure to grab your tickets to their Release Show at The Pourhouse on Wednesday, September 7th here.