Get Connected To The Network


On Saturday, July 29th, the Nomad World Pub will play host to the first of many shows called “The Network.” Spearheaded by Lyric Marid and Rich Garvey, the collective committee will help bypass the politics that leave many artists discouraged and limited within the local scene. With a stacked lineup featuring the talents of Solo Star, GainesFM, Pilot Jonny, DJ Cam Jones, DJ Low, Comedian John X and hosted by Devon Reason, The Network will usher in a new, more balanced approach to the budding potential that may never have a chance to perform.

Of course, the show would not be possible if it does not involve the community. That’s why we are want to help you in for half the price on your ticket! All you have to do is:

1.1.) RSVP on Facebook events page
2.) Like “The Network” Community page
3.) Use hastag #TheNetwork on the Facebook event page.

It’s that easy! By doing so, you pay only $5 at the door and a chance to win exclusive merchandise from many of the show’s sponsors.

Help bring in the new era of artistry within the Twin Cities by supporting The Network as we will reveal new ways on how to get involved and who should perform on the next show.