FUTURE FØSSILS Glow on “Tears of Gold”

In these uncertain times of chaos and unrest within the digital age, the Minneapolis turnt up trio FUTURE FØSSILS decided to shed some unabashed light on with their new EP “Tears of Gold.”

Comprised of Sam Wayne, Eli The Prophet and Jaylap, the group came together in shared moment of transition during the creation of the song Climbin’.

“When we first started making songs for the EP,” said Jaylap, “we weren’t even a group yet. I used to be in a group called Cannaholics, which ended a year and a half ago. Then I did the solo thing and dropped a solo project, Klouds, in February. And that’s pretty much when I moved to Minneapolis and how I got linked up with these guys.”

Around that same time, Sam Wayne and Eli The Prophet were growing restless by the confines of their group Kids Like Us, who have publicly retired the name with their sensational Farewell Show at the 7th St Entry this past August.

“It was the sign of the times,” said Sam Wayne. “It was annoying that there was this punk band called Kids Like Us, who were pretty popular in their day and region. If someone can’t look you up on the internet, then you’re not doing something right. In this day and age, you have to be one of the first couple of searches in Google. You can’t be on that fourth page.”

“We hit a glass ceiling,” said Eli The Prophet. “There’s a lot of reasons, but we definitely outgrew it. It was time, it was something natural. Let’s just throw one last show and move on to bigger and better things.”

Once it was decided that they were to form a group, the name FUTURE FØSSILS found its way to the forefront through the tone of the music and the message at hand.

“I don’t know where the name came from,” said Eli The Prophet. “It kind of just came from hell. Satan told me that I should stop calling myself a Kid and start pretending that I’m dead. Mortal Kombat explains what it’s like such as the emotions that we have, the things that we see in life is kind of like a cycle. Future as in the future and fossils as immortal. The realization of the reckoning of life. The epiphany of it all. You are the future fossils.”

With the motif in place, FUTURE FØSSILS began to compile their most polished and realized songs together for their official debut. And with the help of Chicago’s Alex Wiley and their hometown homies John Shrimpnose, Judahboi, Nazeem,✝yy P & Muja Messiah; the 12 songs that they had completed as a crew was narrowed down to the seven that held true to their invigorated blasphemies that are sure to test your faith and your speakers. As each song holds its own worth, the title track was unanimously beloved within the group as the banner waving banger to pay homage to suffering before the triumph.

Tears of Gold like the realization that you are made of everything,” said Eli The Prophet. “You shed light and cry tears of gold. it comes with a negative emotional connotation, but then you realize that you’re tears are gold and you are made of gold. It’s the contrast between gold and tears, good and bad.”

“It’s an analogy for learning from pain,” said Jaylap. “You go through shit and that’s how we went about creating the EP.”

Along with their snide, thought provoking lyrics, Tears of Gold is driven by Jaylap’s broodingly melodic production that borders on trap and the obscure.

“As far as just production wise, ” said Jaylap. “I’ve been finding myself at a more harder, 120 BPM tempo type beats. It’s kinda like a trap beat, but it’s got a dark melodic shit. It’s got some bass to it, but it has some consciousness to it. On my first album, I did it all myself with my sounds and all originals. Now that I’m working on more bass heavy shit, I’ve been getting into more sampling. So this one has helped me evolve into this new world of producing. That’s what FUTURE FØSSILS has evolved around, it’s all new to all of us and has a really cool sound.”


As with any art, FUTURE FØSSILS are preparing to celebrate their EPs with a Release Show that accentuates the balance of insight, intrigue and excitement that bleeds through each track. By highlighting the variety local talent including livewires Blvck Spvce, Chance York and GRRRL PRTY‘s own Sophia Eris with the emerging phenom, Chester Watson and the legendary Dead Prez; FUTURE FØSSILS will be joined on the First Avenue Mainroom stage by Beak Nasty and John Shrimpnose to ensure that their live show will transcend any recording.

“We wanted to do something dope for the city and for Hip Hop,” said Sam Wayne. “Dead Prez hasn’t been here in 5 years and they are legends. And you can’t be turnt up for four hours straight.”

“You need the balance between mountains and valleys,” said Jaylap.

Although Tears of Gold is finally out for the public, fans shouldn’t expect the group to rest upon its release as the gears are already in motion for their next ventures.

“We’ve already started working on some new stuff,” said Sam Wayne. “We’re all going to be working on some solo, individual stuff too. Jaylap is working on a new project with yy P and creating a new tape with John Shrimpnose.”

As we continue to be plagued by the pain within the headline propaganda, it is reassuring that there are those that are out to test the limits of free expression while others are pushed towards the comforts of conformity. And when it comes to FUTURE FØSSILS, that freedom will be sure to glisten from each shimmering drop of sweat and tears.


Cover photo taken by Derrick Koch of DKochCreations.com.



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