Franz Diego Explains His Future & ‘Float’


After releasing Equinox only three months ago, Illuminous 3’s Franz Diego is back to announce the release of his new solo album Float.”

Slated for an October 7th release, the Purple City Pioneer said that the title refers to the idea of drifting and ever changing existence based off of experience.

“I guess ‘floating’ for me is an escapist sentiment where you try not to commit to any one group of people or one way of living and kind of just float around from place to place and people to people,” said Franz Diego. “I’ve never like the idea of doing or being one way all the time, I like change and the freedom that comes with it.”

The album also features the production of Los Angeles’ Enron Hubbard, who Franz Diego first found out about him though the Mode Electronic Showcases in the Honey Nightclub basement.

“Mode was a future forward electronic showcase night put together by DJ Westin. They would often have local electronic producers from different backgrounds come together and do sets. I believe it was their 1 year anniversary that they made a compilation disc and Enron was one of the artists on there and his music automatically resonated with me.  I looked him up online and sent him my stuff and told him I’d like to do something with him.  That day he sent me a beat and I wrote to it and made a song that night, recorded it the following night and sent it to him.  He then, sent me another beat and I had another song for him the next day.  The process and the music excited him so much he ended up giving me free reign of his catalogue and with that we made ‘Float.’”

Incorporating the energy of his Turnt Up! dance nights with DJs Gabe Garcia, Noam the Drummer and Willie Shu, the Wag-Town WZRD explained what drew him to Enron Hubbard’s production, which can be categorized as “Acid Trap.”

“I guess what draws me to his production is that it’s very ambient and emotional and pronounced. Sonically it can be really warm and smooth and he does a lot of little nuanced things in his beats that just really connect to me.”


In what he considers to be his most self-reflective release to date, Franz Diego also announced the Float Release Show will be held at the Kitty Cat Klub on Friday, October 17th with special help from Ninety.

“Ninety actually really helped get this record out. He is a mutual friend of me and Enron and somewhere along the process of us working together; Enron somehow lost all the original recorded files before we could finish mixing and mastering.  This bummed both of us out pretty bad and we weren’t sure how to go forward.  Then Ninety came along and said he would do whatever he could to get the best sound out of what we had left and that was a huge favor, so I thought it made sense to do the party with him on his ‘Foolish Bastard Night’ at Kitty Kat Club.”

Along with Ninety & Connye, the release show will also feature the powerhouse performances of Metasota and Greg Grease.

“Those guys were in mind from the beginning because not only are they good friends of mine, but I believe in their music and style and I think it’s some of the most solid and interesting rap music coming out of Minnesota right now.”

And if all this was not enough, Franz Diego also revealed that he is working on a new Illumious 3 album as well as slipping back into his alter-ego, Tr0n Diaz 8510. Aside from new music, he is also planning on returning to Listen To MPLS podcast with Alicia Steele thanks to the good people at Greenroom Magazine.

To keep up with Franz Diego, check out his Twitter, Bandcamp and Illuminous 3’s home page here.