St. Paul Slim & Slug Sip on the Sobering Truth in “Fade Away”

On Tuesday, Twin Cities legends St. Paul Slim and Slug of Atmosphere toasted to their new video/song for “Fade Away.”

Produced by Julian Fairbanks, the duo delve into the dark side of the drink over the saxophone driven production. Directed, edited and shot by Colton Otte of Blue G Productions with help from Common Culture, the video captures the barflies disappearing into their depression amidst a cheerful night at The Bedlam Theatre. Dedicated to the loving memory of Kirk “Bro Sun” Washington Jr, this marks the first time that the Guardians of Balance MC and the reigning Rhymesayer have been heard on a track since their song “Kissed” on St. Paul Slim’s solo debut, Bald Headed Samsun.

“Fade Away” is available for download and stream on Stophouse Music Group’s soundcloud. It was debuted live on GO95.3 FM with Mr. Peter Parker that same evening. You can watch the full interview about the song and St. Paul Slim’s artwork below.